“First there were just four friends and an illusion. The illusion of a big, global rock band. A band that, laughing at ourselves, we wanted to be. We refused to cut corners but we couldn’t afford to buy anything and we didn’t know how to play any instruments. This being the case, all we had left to build the illusion with was our attitude and our voices. For some reason, the public, completely regardless of their age, gender or taste in music, loved this daft idea. It was 1996. And shortly afterwards we got some money…”

Today FORK is one of the world’s leading professional, contemporary a cappella groups, touring the globe with magnificent shows that fearlessly combine an impressive range of performing arts. Theirs is a music, stand-up, theatre, dance and light show that all adds up to an elegant night out with a fine-tuned sense of humour. The group also throws in a good measure of love and self-irony into the mix - leaving it up to the audience to determine precisely where to draw the line between love and irony, and who's laughing at who...

Every sound heard by the audience, from pristine vocals to distorted guitar riffs and massive bass lines, is produced live on stage; no other group uses modern sound technique the way FORK does. And the whole package comes wrapped up in a glamorous performance, delivered with FORK's trademark wit and humour.

These days FORK’s audience knows no bounds. Besides their own concert hall performances, in recent years FORK has performed at international a cappella festivals and the world’s biggest heavy metal festival, Wacken Open Air. In between they managed to fit in the world-famous Bobino theatre in Paris, Cologne’s Pride festival and European royalty.

“And we’ve stayed true to our original ideals too. Our aim was only to have fun and conquer the world. It’s a bit ironic that the illusion came true all by itself. But then that just means that these days having fun is even easier!” 

Releasing albums and rockumentaries

2005 FORK released their first full-length album Cover to Cover. Since then they have released four additional albums, Games We Play (2007), Pink Noise Live (2011), ElectroVocal Circus (2013), X-Live (2015), Revolution (2017) and So... This is Christmas? (2018) as well as a compilation named Helsinki for the US market in 2008.

Though Games We Play included some material of their own FORK's shows nowadays consists of contemporary covers and clever arrangements. The group is working continuously on new material and nothing and no one is safe from FORK as the group continues its crusade for unbounded a cappella. 

In 2009 FORK did the rockumentary Pink Noise - The Saga together with Långfilm Productions and the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. Since then it has been televised yearly on the national TV on New Year's Day. In 2013 the same production team did a rockumentary based on their show "ElectroVocal Circus". Nowadays that´s the one they televise... FORK also made live DVD's of their worldwide succes shows X in 2015 and of Revolution in 2017, you can purchase those here!

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